Significantly Endowed
The first time I slept with the Girl in the Red Dress.

She wasn’t yet wearing the red dress, but it remains a good name for her. I had known her and we had been friends for many years, back from when I lived in Boston where she also lived. We had kept in touch on and off over the years.

I was back there for a tech conference around St Patrick’s Day of 2010 and took the opportunity to have dinner with my old friends there, including her.

She and I ended up spending more than just dinner, instead sending most of an afternoon and into the late evening hanging out and chatting.

She lived a fair way from the more downtown neighborhood I was staying at, a bit too far on transit to be easy. So when it got to be dark, I invited her to crash with me.

With a smile that was equal parts wary, hopeful, and mischievous, she accepted.

We spent the night sleeping spooned together, my body protecting her. The next morning i washed her hair and her back in the shower. I was a perfect gentleman.

We parted at a subway T station. Just as she was about to run through the turnstile to catch her train, I took her hand, turning her back towards me. I kissed the back of her hand, gently, then shooed her off to her train.

You want to know about how I fucked her? That’s a different story!